Friday, 18 January 2008

The Challenge Starts Here!

In light of some of the results from my poll (it's still not too late to vote - scroll down to the right of my blog), this is a new feature for me here at Creative Crafter UK and it's a challenge that's just for fun, but to get your creative minds thinking.

With these cold and dreary days of January, it's time to think about lifting our spirits and those lovely warm and bright days of summer. So my challenge to all crafters out there, whether it's card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making or any other craft, to make an item with the theme of bright and bold.

I have kicked off here, with my example of a quick make card using bright, bold, retro floral stickers layered into 3D effects and combined with border stickers and sparkly gem stones for strong contemporary results. I would love to see your bright and bold crafty creations!

This fun challenge is open until the end of this month, so please take a snapshot of your work and email to me HERE. I will post a selection of the best here on Creative Crafter UK for all to see. Have fun and happy crafting - I look forward to seeing your creations!


Middle Ditch said...

I'm not a crafter but a writer. Still, I love those cards.

When my children were young we would sit down after the new year and make coasters out of all those christmas cards and my children gave them to their friends.

Those were the days.

Kallia said...

What an excellent, uplifting idea! I sent you a few photos of what's bright and bold in my soap collection. I hope you enjoy them!

Little Pods Clothing said...

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