Saturday, 5 January 2008

A Learning Curve

It's been quite a learning curve setting up my pages on Etsy - I trust you've visited by now? (If not, check it out by clicking HERE) I would welcome your comments.

I'm surprised how friendly people are on the forums and within minutes of posting a question on there I had 55 replies! Wow that's quite a community.

It's interesting to see which of my handmade items are popular and by the number of views it appears the butterfly earrings (pictured) and my dresses cards are the most popular.

Crafting can be lonely work, but something you can become entirely immersed in and therefore when designing with other people in mind it's often difficult to see projects from a new perspective. One needs to be seriously critical of ones own work before posting. But hopefully, if it's something I've designed that I like, someone else may like it too!


Middle Ditch said...

I suppose crafting is a bit like writing, isn't it. You're on your own being creative.

I love those earrings!

Creative Crafter said...

Thank you Middle Ditch!