Sunday, 13 January 2008

What Could You Not Live Without?

There are so many crafting tools that are invaluable as we create our unique handmade delights. Have you really thought about the items you are using. I know I would be completely lost without a few handy tools and gadgets in my crafting supplies. They have become essential pieces of kit.

What are your top 10 crafting tools that you could not live without?
Here's mine:
1. Paper Trimmer
2. Craft Knife
3. Cutting Mat
4. Scissors
5. Scalloped Edged Scissors
6. Tweezers - for handling small items like gem stones or flimsy stickers
7. Soft Eraser
8. Pricking Tool for pilot holes when inserting brads.
9. Eyelet Setter
10. Corner Rounding Punch

What's your top 10? Please email or leave comments, I'd love to hear yours.


Monique said...

1 pen
2 pencil
3 paper
4 computer
5 my husband (brilliant editor)
6 cats (warmth giving creatures)
7 inspiration (can't do without)
8 printer (for recording)
9 tv (relaxation after a hard day writing)
10 people (to listen or read my stories)

Cheryl Anne said...

1. tweezers
2. glue
3. computer
4. phone books (seriously!)
5. stamps
6. paper trimmer
7. x-acto knife
8. printer
9. papers
10.craft mat