Sunday, 10 February 2008

Etsy Fun

Over recent weeks, I've been finding I am spending more and more time on the forums over at People are so friendly, helpful and encouraging and I even sold my first item through Etsy yesterday. In fact,they were some of my favourite earrings I created not too long ago. (Pictured below left.)

The earrings are heading Stateside and further interest is being shown in my work with viewing figures rapidly increasing of late. I am happy to take custom orders, which will then be placed on Etsy. If anyone has any specific requirements please contact me. There is a link to my Etsy shop down the right side of this blog.

Etsy encourages promotion of other members work on what's called a Treasury. It's quite difficult to obtain a treasury in the first instance with hundreds of people fighting over limited numbers. However on two ocassions I have obtained my own and have been proud to promote fellow newbie Etisans work in this way. See pictures above of my featured treasuries. The lilac one is live for the next two days. If you wish to take a look, please click HERE.

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