Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Romantic Chicks

Well, it's almost here - the day of luurrrve! Valentines day is just a two days away and I finished my last Valentines project today. Unfortunately, I cannot show it here as it was for a client, but I hope you have gained some inspiration from the projects I have been adding here recently? I just hope my doorstep is flooded with as many Valentines cards on February 14th, as I made this year (yeah right!) Oh and choccie would be nice too (hint, hint boyfriend!)

Talking of chocolates, this links nicely into Easter and it's on this theme I continued my projects - eggs, chicks, lambs, spring themes and daffodils. I just started on a few Easter creations today. It's quite difficult jumping from one theme to another, but something in this industry, us creative designers must do often. In fact, I'm lucky not to be working on Christmas projects yet - it wouldn't be the first time that I've had to create Christmas projects in January for publication the following year!

A designers life eh .... what month are we in?

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