Saturday, 22 March 2008

An Egg-stra Colourful Easter Card!

Tall Easter Card
Designed By Jep

Create this colourful Easter card (or a version of it) quickly and simply using a few basic Fiskars products and coloured cardstock.

Level: Beginner
Time Taken To Make: approximately 45 minutes (so there’s just enough time before Easter Sunday!)

You Will Need:
Various Coloured Cardstock - bright colours.
Fiskars Shape Cutter Plus 294806
Fiskars Shape Templates – Ovals 294851, Circles 294850, Squares 294852
Fiskars Paper Edgers
Fiskars Hand Punch – any design
Fine Nib Marker Pen – Purple, Green, Yellow
Cutting Mat
Tall Lilac Card (approx. 21cm x 10.5cm)
Sticky Foam Pads
Paper Glue Stick


  1. Line the inside of the card with pale green cardstock.
  2. Open the card out flat and cut three square apertures in the centre down the middle, using the Fiskars Shape Cutter Plus and the 2.50” square template.
  3. Cut a 2” square from dark green, purple and yellow card and repeat from the same colours cutting a 1.50” square from each.
  4. Layer up the squares accordingly (see photo) and attach through the apertures to the back inside of the card with sticky foam pads.
  5. Cut three 1.25” x 1.50” ovals from matching coloured card and layer onto the squares with more sticky foam pads. Decorate each of the oval ‘eggs’ with hand punched shapes and a border strip cut from card with Fiskars paper edgers. Glue all the decoration into place on each ‘egg’ with paper glue.
  6. Cut two scalloped edge strips, using the edge of the oval shape template, from purple card. These are approximately 0.5” (or 1.5cm) wide. Glue down the sides of the card.
  7. Decorate the edges of the scalloped strips and the larger square frames with doodled lines of dots and dashes down the scallops in purple pen and dashed lines and crosses around the square frames in co-ordinating coloured pen.
  8. Write your own messages on the reverse of the card.

All Fiskars products can be found at Try searching there for your nearest stockist or if in the UK visit John Lewis stores for the products.

*Please note this design is copyrighted. Please do not recreate this card to sell or enter into competitions, send to magazines or pass off as your own. You are welcome to adapt this card to use for your own personal card giving for friends and family. Thank you for respecting the laws of copyright. For other permissions, please contact me.*

If you wish to purchase this card or any of the others seen here, please contact me.
Note: Purchasing the card does not give you copyright of the design, copyright remains with the designer.

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