Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gap in the Market?

Following my posting yesterday showing the fabulous Fancy Pants stamps and sharing my love of Flourishes with the world, I have a question for all you lovely creative people out there...

We see most themes of crafting products have already been covered by all the product manufacturers from floral to vintage, distressed to bold, flourishes to doodles and geometric to realistic designs, but is there anything you would dearly love to see on a patterned paper. Is there a design you are constantly searching for that you can never find? If you had the amazing opportunity of designing your own crafting products what would you design and why?

Until recently, I wanted to see the use of swirls more often within design and an elegant patterned paper and crafting products on the theme of 'dance'. My wishes have since been granted and I see a manufacturer has now produced crafting stickers, papers and embellishments on the theme of dance when I attended the latest trade show, which will be perfect for my scrapbook pages and swirls are all the rage right now.

So leave you comments and share your thoughts on themes or styles for crafting products you would like to see. Who knows if a manufacturer happens to read my crafty ramblings here on Creative Crafter UK, you may just get your wishes answered!

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