Friday, 11 April 2008

Baby Pink

Friends have become the proud grandparents of their first grand-daughter this week and of course, a handmade card is in the post already with my congratulations.

This is a simple card created using scrapbooking papers as a background and baby stickers layered onto white cardstock, cut out and raised in a row of three down the front of the card. The edge of the card has been trimmed from the front layer only to create interest along the opening edge. Co-ordinating floral stickers have also be positioned across the card and added to the inside to complete the look.

This idea could also be created in blues for a boy. However, if you're not sure what sex the baby will be and wish to make you cards in advance of the birth, try creating something similar in yellows!

This card could also be personalised with the baby's name, date, time and place of birth and a photo perhaps instead of the central circular sticker image.

*Please note this design is copyrighted. Please do not recreate this card to sell or enter into competitions, send to magazines or pass off as your own. You are welcome to adapt this card to use for your own personal card giving for friends and family. Thank you for respecting the laws of copyright. For other permissions, please contact me.*

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Cookie*kawaii* said...

I love your card it's very cute!

kiss ^__^