Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Challenging Craft

Busy, busy day - yet again I was working on projects for a client, so unable to show here, however it was a challenging day! I was trying to make a rather traditional product look funky and stylish and was that hard work with this particular item!

Thankfully, with some perseverance, I got there in the end. Sometimes when the products do not inspire you, they can be the hardest of days.

Do you have a particular crafting item that you find most difficult to use? Something that seemed great when you purchased it and thought "I will find a use for that soon!" But it has become one of those items that never really makes it into your creation. Perhaps it's been out of the cupboard a few times and sat there infront of you longing to be used, but you just can't get it to work right within your design.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I am so there with you. Sometimes those perfect little whatsits you buy are the hardest to incorporate into your work. I also have trouble with using excellent fabric or papers...like I have to just keep saving them and saving them for the perfect project... they are too nice to use! Ah well. Guess that's just part of the creative muse. :)