Sunday, 6 April 2008

Icy and Elegant

With snow falling here in the UK today, after a gloriously warm sunny day yesterday, our weather is a little confused right now! Florals were really the last thing on my mind, so inspired by the icy cold snowflakes I have created this pretty blue Swarovski Crystal necklace, bracelet and earring set using wonderful beads that have an 'inner glow' in artificial light - the photograph cannot really do them justice!

Does the weather or your surroundings inspire your creative mind? If it's warm and sunny or cold and wet do the things around you influence what you craft?

I know when it's the height of Summer and I'm commissioned to work on a Christmas project, it can be a challenge to revert to 'tinsel and turkey' mode! But after a while, I'm back in the flow and playing a few Christmas carols helps if I'm really struggling, whilst crafting in T-shirts and shorts!

I live in a mixed up world!

* Commissions Undertaken *

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