Thursday, 17 April 2008

Milestone on Creative Crafter UK

So the first milestone should happen later today on Creative Crafter UK - we're heading for our 1,000th visitor - It Could Be You! (as the famous advert says!) Sadly no monetry prizes for this one!

Thanks to all those who have visited so far, hopefully, the success and popularity here on Creative Crafter will continue to grow. Please take a moment to answer my blog poll (scroll down to the right) so I can continue to provide the content that you (my fellow crafters) want to see.

If you are new here, don't forget you can subscribe in a reader by clicking on the orange icon in the top right corner, so you can be kepted regularly (and unobtrusively) updated as new postings are added.

If you like your challenges, don't forget the April challenge is still running on the theme of 'maps' so please see earlier posting this month and get your pictures to me, if you wish to be featured here.

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