Wednesday, 2 April 2008

No More Belated Birthdays!

Needing a quick birthday card for someone? Don't fret that their birthday is fast approaching and you have nothing made. (Because of course, they always expect a handmade card from a crafts-person, right?)

Try making my simple creation using your own supplies.

You Will Need:
A6 card and envelope
Highly patterned background paper
Ornate Corner Punch
Adhesive Ribbon (or regular ribbon and double sided tape)
Adhesive Gem Stones
A Birthday Embellishment
Double Sided Tape

1. Cover the front of your card with patterned paper

2. Apply two lengths of adhesive ribbon, horizontally across your card towards the bottom.

3. With the card closed, punch the ornate corners and attach co-ordinating adhesive gem stones to them.

4. Attach a line of three larger gem stones on the ribbon.

5. Add a birthday embellishment in the top right corner of the card.

Tip of the month: Attach ribbon using a dry adhesive such as double sided tape, rather than a wet glue which is likely to seep through the ribbon!

*Please note this design is copyrighted. Please do not recreate this card to sell or enter into competitions, send to magazines or pass off as your own. You are welcome to adapt this card to use for your own personal card giving for friends and family. Thank you for respecting the laws of copyright. For other permissions, please contact me.*

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