Sunday, 29 June 2008

Jewels of the Sea

It was far too nice to be sitting inside crafting today, so I took my entire bead stock into the garden and beaded outside in the glorious sunshine, cocktail on one side (or a glass of iced water in reality!) and crafted to the sound of sea and summer!

The sea had a big influence over my creations, with this fresh blue necklace, bracelet and earring set created from silver plated chain, glass beads and my favourites - Swarovski crystals!

I have a fair to attend in the next few weeks, so I'm needing the re-build my stocks. I think this pretty, danity piece will be taking pride of place in the centre of the table.

If you would like a piece similar to this, I am accepting commissions. Please contact me with your requirements for further details. Also please take a moment to check out my Etsy pages where I have some of my crafts for sale. I hope to be adding more product to these pages in the coming weeks. Visit


twenty pound tabby said...

Beautiful colors on the necklace, bracelet and earrings and I really love how you've photographed them. The whole thing is beautiful.

Creative Crafter UK said...

Thank you twenty pound tabby. I appreciate your comments on the photo too - it took me a while to set it up, so I'm glad you like the results!

Jules said...

I just love the colour of these, just BEAUTIFUL.

I hope you have a successful fair.

Jules x

Creative Crafter UK said...

Thank you Jules.