Friday, 27 June 2008

Top 10 websites every crafter should know about:

  1. – for crafting projects, hints, tips, forums, community, blogs, photos, beautiful products.
  2. – for the latest in design, print and patterns, extremely popular website among designers, updated regularly. A great source of inspiration.
  3. – for your nearest store (UK based) or (for USA)
  4. – for mail order supplies
  5. – for hundreds of crafting projects, hints, tips, friendly forums, new products.
  6. – magazine showcasing cool projects and brilliant ideas.
  7. – for numerous ‘How To’ videos on various crafting topics. A search for ‘How to make cards’ for example, will list many results.
  8. –sell you handmade crafts online for minimal listing fees. Also provides a lively forum, where there is always someone with informative answers! Lots of good articles and hints and tips about promoting your products and selling online.
  9. for tools and projects.
  10. – how could I resist? Tell all your crafting friends and spread the word. Miss this site and miss out!

This is just a tiny fraction of some great crafting sites out there, if you know of any others that you visit regularly please share by leaving a comment.

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