Tuesday, 10 June 2008

With All My Heart - Dad!

Her Dad - is often the only man in her life, a girl can really depend upon and mine is no exception!

With father's day fast approaching I have another in my series of beginner's cards for you to try. This card says 'Happy Birthday' but can easily be adapted for Father's Day on June 15th (UK).

Did you know the Father's Day celebrationin the UK is always on the third Sunday in June, so may fall slightly differently each year!

This graphical design has been created using two strips of luxury, rich brown paper across the top and bottom of an A6 cream card. A checked adhesive ribbon, then placed across the centre of each and lined either side with a gold straight line sticker. Three brown buttons are placed in a line at the top left and bottom right of the card on the ribbons, with co-ordinating adhesive gems placed in the centre of each.

The focal point of the card, sees two hearts layered up (a brown one behind a text patterned one) with scrabble tiles 'Dad' across the centre. Although optional, 'Happy' and 'Birthday' gold stickers are positioned above and below the word 'Dad'.

Important Copyright Information:
*Please note this design is copyrighted. Please do not recreate this card to sell or enter into competitions, send to magazines or pass off as your own. You are welcome to adapt this card to use for your own personal card giving for friends and family. Thank you for respecting the laws of copyright. For other permissions, please contact me.*

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