Sunday, 6 July 2008

Organising A Craft Fair

Whilst ‘slaving’ over my recent jewellery creations, it crossed my mind about outlets for selling my pieces. is a fantastic website for this with reasonable selling fees and ease of use. The site attracts a lot of traffic from around the world and I cannot sing it’s praises enough. I am sure there are many other websites also devoted to the handmade product that offer equally as good service. If you know of others feel free to list them on my comments here.

However, online selling is all very well, but what about if you want to meet your customer and meet fellow artisans? Perhaps attending craft fairs are a good idea, but in my experience the cost of attendance is so much for stall holders that it can be so difficult to recoup your attendance fee. In my area (Dorset, UK) we have many larger craft fairs that are just too costly to attend, so I had been considering organising my own on a small scale, with reasonable rates to promote fellow individual crafters who simply cannot afford hefty fees.

With a Google search and a few enquiries, I’m finding it difficult to obtain information about this. Does anyone have any experience in running their own craft fair? Would you have details about insurances, health and safety cover and any other hidden details one may need to know in organising such an event. I have lots of ideas for marketing/ promoting the event and a few local venue options. Where did you find other stall holders? Did you have any issues when running your own craft fair?

Please leave your comments.

Thank you.

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