Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Too Hot To Handle

I've been such a busy little crafter this well as getting to grips with my shiny new laptop. (How I love new gadgets! I'm a technology freak at heart - really!)

I attended a fabulous sale today and set up stall with my jewellery. I had a great day and actually sold this pretty necklace, earring and bracelet set rather swiftly (I hadn't been there five minutes and two ladies went to grab this set). I think they liked the way my jewellery pieces sparkled and caught the light.

In fact, it wasn't the only pieces they wanted. Both ladies also 'made eyes' at another monochromatic set that I had made and after a little arguement, they came to an amicable agreement. I will have to make more of both sets!

Anyway, I got some wonderful feedback on my designs and quite a few sales.
Wa hooo! Here's to many more days like today!

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Donnas Den said...

Congratulations on your sales, hope it continues.