Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It's Christmas!!! (.....Well almost!)

Opening day 3 on the advent calendar door today and thinking it's time to start making my own Christmas cards for friends, family, enemies, pets and clients (well not quite in that order! And perhaps not the pets this time!)

So I got to and spent all day on designs that looked effectively eye-catching, whilst being simple to recreate dozens of times. This is a tall order in itself when making in batches. So after deciding on paper designs and effective use of simple shapes I came up with my masterpiece. Many, many greetings cards later and the moment of truth came when I began stamping inside each card. One little mistake now and they could be ruined! Thankfully, I am quite practiced at the 'art' of rubber stamping and each card came out unspoiled.
Just writing inside them and stuffing envelopes now.

I could show my designs here on CreativeCrafterUK but many of you who will be receiving the cards read my blog, so I would hate to spoil the surprise.

To those of you who are visiting as a fellow crafter (unknown to me...'though a greatly appreciated reader!) I will post my creations at a later date this month for you to see.

Good luck everyone with your Christmas card making! How have you made yours?

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