Saturday, 20 December 2008

Visual Merchandising

As a trained visual merchandiser (or window display dresser/ designer for shop windows) this is not quite the visual merchansiding I am refering to! Creating merchandise from your own visuals seems like a worthwhile personal and business venture and another 'string to the bow' for promoting my graphic design work. Imagine having your own personal design on an item of clothing, cap, mug, mug, mousemat etc and having the opportunity to sell these on-line through an organised on-line outlet, who also prints the artwork to order.

Well search no further...I have come across and both are American sites that will print these items and sell your artwork on all sorts of apparel direct from their sites, whilst offering you (the designer) royalties on your sales.

I am wondering if there are similar sites here in the UK thus saving on expensive shipping and customs costs? Any suggestions...please leave your comments. Thanks.

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