Sunday, 11 January 2009

Recycling for Craft Storage

Recycled Pencil Pot - designed by Jenny Pearce ©

Blue and Brown floral detail recycled pencil pot - designed by Jenny Pearce ©
Original Container

Have you ever come across an old pot, jar or container that you were about to throw away and thought you could make it into something else?

I'm doing this regularly, but rarely find the time to do anything with them. So for my first altered art project of the new year, I decided to recycle an old drinking chocolate container (as pictured below). I decorated it with BasicGrey papers, paper flowers and gem stones. "I love this quote from Albert Einstein!" It sure makes a remarkable difference from the original packaging. I even lined the inside with co-ordinating textured cardstock.

It creates a fantastic pencil pot!


Sarah A said...

I love this!! You would never know that this started its life off as a hot chocolate container!!!
I have saved loads of containers to alter but never seem to get the time to get around to doing it!

Sahara007 from Trimcraft

Creative Crafter UK said...

Thank you for your reply Sarah - glad you like it! Happy crafting!

niftyknits said...

blue peter eat your heart out!

brenda said...

looks great i have loads of recycled bits i use my cat food box that has pouches in i covered it in fancy wallpaper and used it to store c6 card or paper in, also have stored my finished cards in, eg christmas in 1 box birthday in another then general in another but saying this i have loasd of bits but never get time to cover them

Creative Crafter UK said...

Nifty Knits and Brenda - thank you for your comments.

Yes, it's very Blue Peter Nifty Knits, but without the sticky backed plastic!

Nice Idea Brenda!

Sam said...

Fantastic idea, its good to know I am not alone, hoarding containers that could come in useful for something! Will have to give that one a go.
Sam x

Paula said...

I love this idea. I have just thrown away a Hot Chocolate tin so I will go and get it out of the recycling bin!
Paula x

MaryNSC said...

WOW How Classy is this.. Mine looked like a 2 year old did it..LOLOL
Yours is BEAUTIFUL!!!
To tell the truth I bet the 2 year old could a done better than mine..HAHAHAH

hello gorgeous said...

great idea - i love it!