Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Which Wallpaper?

I'm in the indecisive stages of trying to decide which wallpaper is best for a makeover in the bedroom. Currently I have walls painted in a lovely icy blue and I'm thinking of introducing another colour such as white, cream or latte to go with it. Ideally I'm looking for either large floral designs or geometric patterns, perhaps flourishes that look great on wallpaper to create a feature wall.

Here are a few ideas I have seen so far from Homebase DIY store. However, whilst they are lovely I am thinking I have not quite found the design that I'm seeking. I like the blue and latte design (top left) and the freshness of the white and blue design (bottom left) but would like the images less floral or larger.

Have you seen any wallpapers that would suit my needs? Please send me any links. Thank you.


sugar n spice said...

They are all lovely, I recently redecorated my bedroom in Cappuccino coloured wallpaper and clotted cream for the paintwork. It is so serene and calm. The wallpaper came from Focus. They have beautiful large print papers. I hope this helps.
Suzi x

Glassprimitif said...

Like the sound of latte and ice blue.

Creative Crafter UK said...

Thanks for your comments - I will have a look at the papers in Focus. I like the sound of the serenity of Cappaccino and clotted cream!