Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Crafting and QVC!

Yesterday was Craft Day on the shopping channel QVC. I had many of my projects feature on there advertising some wonderful products. They must have gone down well as the products were selling fast and in some cases complete sell outs! It's always lovely to see the results of all your hard work culminating in a live broadcast on national TV!

It happens very rarely, but yesterday also saw creative block take hold and it was so difficult to shift. I keep telling myself "you can craft, just get on with it" but nothing was working. It's no excuse...but inspiration for the products I was trying to use had just diminished. Nevertheless we got there in the end and the project will be live online in no time. Have you ever suffered creative block - what did you do to resolve this? My usual response would be to put the project down and come back with fresh eyes later, however when deadlines are pressing and the project is a last minute request it's not always possible. Any remedies? Please comment below.

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