Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas

With not long until Christmas I thought I should start making my own Christmas cards to send to friends and family. I've been working on festive themes for my work for so many months now, it almost feels as if Christmas has passed. But as soon as you hit the shops, find the queues and hear the Christmas carols playing in stores, it reminds me that Christmas is almost here!

So here are my latest creations. A simple embossed white card, with aperture, punched paper border, with luxury satin ribbon and polk dot bradded silk flower.

Hope it inspires you if you haven't already started making your cards this year!

Please note: The photo and card design are all copyrighted to the designer (me) and should not be copied, shared, re-published, or used without my permission. Thank you for your understanding and following the copyright laws.

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